FMD and Prevention
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How does FMD affect consumers?

FMD is not a public health concern but an outbreak could ultimately threaten the entire U.S. economy. Click here to find out more.

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Protecting Your Farm

The best way to protect your farm from foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) is to prevent the introduction of the virus through proven biosecurity practices. Producers often are the first to detect animal health problems. It is critical for you to be vigilant about the health of your livestock and activities taking place on your farm. By taking steps to protect your farm from FMD, you can help prevent a U.S. outbreak from occurring.

Keep your farm and livestock protected by:

  • Watching for excessive salivating, lameness and other signs of FMD in your herd and immediately report any unusual or suspicious signs of disease to your veterinarian, state animal disease control officials or your county agricultural agent.

  • Knowing who is on your farm, ranch, or property at all times.

  • Preventing people from visiting your farm if they have been outside the continental United States within the past two weeks, unless you can verify that they have not been in close contact with any cloven-hoofed animals in the past five days.

  • Quarantining all new animals before introducing or exposing them to other animals in your herd.

  • Not purchasing any animals from any foreign country or source where cattle may have been exposed to FMD or other foreign animal diseases.

  • Not bringing prohibited meats products or other at-risk materials home with you if you travel to countries that are not free from FMD. Properly dispose of soiled footwear and clothing before returning home. 

  • Fully cooking food waste that is used as feed.

More information on protecting your farm can be found under Farmer Resources.

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